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INPUT CONTROL The conformity of the incoming raw materials to the Turkish Food Codex is investigated in the quality control laboratory. Accepted raw materials are taken into the accepting warehouses.

COOKING BOILER Sugar-water is mixed. It is boiled to the appropriate degree (about 150 °C) and citric acid is added.

WHISKING BOILER The boiled sugar is taken into the whisking boiler and the temperature is reduced to 80 °C. At this stage, saponaria water is put into the water and the color is whitened and the consistency is increased.

MIXING AND KNEADING The sugar which has attained the desired consistency, temperature and color is brought to the sugar kneading boilers. After tahini is added, first mixing process, then the kneading process is carried out. At this stage, emulsifier and flavoring (vanillin, cocoa, hazelnut, peanut etc.)  are added according to the type of product and it is kneaded.

WEIGHING AND FILLING After the kneading process is finished, the product is weighed and filled into the molds in desired weights.

SETTLING The halva taken into the molds are kept in the settling room for 1 day at room temperature.

PACKAGING The settled halva then is taken out of their molds and boxed after individually packaged.

FINAL PRODUCT CONTROL The products are passed through final quality controls.



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