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Hazelnut Creams

CREATING THE ICING SUGAR According to the formulation, the granulated crystalline sugar is converted into icing sugar in the sugar milling machine.

RENDERING THE FAT The frozen vegetable oil is placed in the melting vessel and is melted at 35 °C.

PRELIMINARY PREPARATION All ingredients are taken to preliminary preparation boiler and all products are mixed for 15 minutes. After this process, the product is transferred to the system called winner.

CRUSHING AND COOKING The product is processed for about 4 hours in winner boilers which cooks at constant temperature (38 °C) and enables the thinning of the product by crushing it with the help of the balls contained therein.

SETTLING The prepared hazelnut cream is left to settle in stainless boilers for at least 4 hours.

FILLING The settled products are filled in suitable containers according to the weight

COOLING The products which are packed for about 2 hours at 4 °C are left to cool.

STORAGE Cooled products are stored at 18-22 °C under suitable conditions after being boxed.

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