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INPUT CONTROL The conformity of the raw materials for jam production is checked in the quality control laboratory. Accepted raw materials are taken into the accepting warehouses.

PREPARATORY BOILER Sugar, fructose, and fruit are heated to 40-45 °C in boilers called premixes and homogenous mixing of the products is achieved.

VACUUM BOILER Products prepared in premix are taken into this boiler and boiled under vacuum at 80-85 °C. The jam is prepared in such a way that the Ph and brix values are compliant.

FILLING Boiled products are filled into suitable molds in the desired weight.

CLOSING THE LID Products which are filled in suitable containers are passed through the lid closing process.

COOLING TUNNEL The filled containers with their lids closed are passed through the cooling tunnel to both be vacuumed and outside of the containers are cleaned.

DRYING The containers filled with products are dried after passing the cooling tunnel.

LABELING AND DATING Warranty band, labeling and dating is applied to the jams.

FINAL PRODUCT CONTROL After the products have passed through the final product controls, they are boxed and shrinked.


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